Extracting / sharing images: now easy as Shift

Save a ton of time with Shift Click, a tool to extract images and create short URLs with only a simple shortcut:
<SHIFT> Click.
No useless UI in your browser!

Shift Click is everything you need:

Just download the app and follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Shift Click on the image you want to generate a short URL.
  2. + C anywhere on the page to copy URL.
  3. Paste it wherever you want!

Shift Click automatically generates a short URL that allows you to share any images, including background images and slideshows. Shift Click uses a hit test to bypass blank divs from getting at the image. That means no more right-click + inspect. You can leave the dev tools behind.

Still not convinced?

Shift Click just got real ⇒ Install the Chrome extension now.

*** Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge extensions coming soon. Even sooner if you pay us.

Download the Chrome extension